Weekend Websites: Silver Jewelry Club

Apologies for not posting last night. We’ll continue with the technical indicators series next week. For now, it’s the weekend! And, it’s time for a weekend diversion. I think this one will more than make up for missing a post. Continuing in the series of sites to save money on, I have found one just in time for the holidays.

Silver Jewelery Club Website Thumbnail

Silver Jewelry Club is a website which has actually been around for quite some time. It recently received a facelife and has begun having four deals at a time rather than just one. It’s idea is similar to that of woot! and other deal of the day websites except Silver Jewelry Club has a new deal every 15 minutes! Oh, and one more thing. The jewelry is absolutely free (except for shipping and handling)! You do need to buy a chain for some of the silver pieces and that is an additional $3. So, in total, the jewelry pieces range from $6 to $9. Not too shabby for some really beautiful, sterling silver jewelry and you don’t need to tell your friends you got it for free. (Don’t tell my girlfriend…) Also, if you’d like to support this blog, buying from Silver Jewelry Club would be a great thing. I like the products so much, I’ve decided to become an affiliate – a new banner showing one of four current deals is now in the sidebar – so before you buy, make sure to click a link from your favorite investing and personal finance website!

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