I just thought I’d announce this since I’m really proud of myself. As I mentioned a while ago, my goals for the blog this summer is to write more regularly and also to make small improvements upon the blog design. I think I am writing more regularly, thought maybe not quite as regularly as I’d like. And, today marks the second of the “home improvements” if you will.

The first, you might have already noticed, is the updating of some of the ads on this site. I’ve decided to become more fully reliant on AdSense (though I’m considering AdBrite as well. If anyone knows anything about either service and the advantages and disadvantages, I’d love to hear from you.) instead of using the hodgepodge of arguably relevant banners. It’s not quite as pretty, but the ads definitely have more relevance.

Today’s update is the ability to actually use the “previous entries” link on the bottom of the page! Granted, this comes at the slight cost of having to display 5 more excerpts on the bottom of the page. So, the page is kind of long. But, all the next pages display entry excerpts! This is actually quite a WordPress feat as I didn’t find a satisfactory solution in the WordPress forums and had to use my own limited knowledge of PHP to devise a solution. Okay, I’m patting myself on the back a little bit, but I am really proud of myself since one of my non-Curious Investor goals this summer was to become proficient at PHP.

Next on the list for design updates is to widen the page and clean up the post layout so as to decrease some of the vertical scroll on the page and, hopefully, also fix the IE 6.0 problems.

Anyways, it’s still the weekend so I’m going to continue giving all you readers a break from the investing hub-bub. Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue the Fundamental Analysis Series.

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