Weekend Diversions: Zooble

Looks like my little “Weekend Diversions” idea is not quite weekly feature but more a whenever-I-want feature, but I do hope its interesting and helpful for you all out there when I do write it. This week, I’ve found an interesting site I’d like to link out to called Zooble. With a name like Zooble, you’d think it was some sort of new web 2.0, social networking web application. It’s not. It’s actually a pretty neat blog where the writer shares reviews and links to various services which allow you to blog for money. Though, to tell the truth it links out to many services that allow just about anyone to make money online, not just through blogs.

The blog is quite cool and usually stays on topic though the author, being in it for the money, will sometimes do paid blog posts for some less than scrupulous services. For example, there’s a post from February 10th which advertises cash-advance loans or payday loans. Any good investor knows that these are never a smart decision. That being said, there are a lot of very cool services that you may never have thought of using for your own blog. I, for one, did not know about how many paid post services there are out there.  For example, Type or Write, Squidoo, and Review Stream. Prior to happening upon the Zooble blog, I had only heard of Pay Per Post which is cute, but doesn’t seem to have many great advertisers.

Anyways, hop on over to Zooble and have a gander. It always pays to be thinking of finding some alternative income streams. (pun totally intented)

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